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About This Project

More “identity”, less “corporate”. When thinking about companies, the first things on our minds may be a product, logo and of course brand recognition. We are convinced that there are more aspects which are important, too:


Culture, mind and soul. Exuding attraction and vibrancy in various intensities. Companies do have their own characteristic traits that can be experienced from an outside perspective. We give advice and support in a very personal way.


We do not put the emphasis on a different logo, fonts or the choice of paper, we put an emphasis on catering to changing social values. Everything that takes place in a company, everything that is communicated forms the identity of a company.



Aaglander – Luxus der Langsamkeit
Deutsche Öl & Gas
Deutsche Papier
Furie Petroleum
Luisa Cerano
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
Rezidor Hotel Group
Private Clients

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