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Brands and products are nothing without individuals. Long-standing relationships with customers in the context of high involvement products belong to the supreme disciplines of marketing.


Individual loyalty programmes for best customers have always been and always will be a challenge for customer management. The right strategy and appropriate connections will lead to long-term corporate success. Especially the best customers want to be treated as highly valued individuals – loyalty is the highest good and besides rational arguments, the emotional part is important, too. Loyalty becomes the expression of a lively corporate culture; it represents the brand’s attitude.


We have realised that and we have successfully implemented programmes over many years. “Money can’t buy formats” are promised quite often, but it is another thing to keep the promise. Exclusive access and service are of high relevance for the clientele’s living environment. Naturally, these offers are important parts of our programmes, they are our speciality. Creative design, targeting, implementation and evaluation of acquisition and loyalty programmes – our mission is Emotional Relationship Marketing.


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