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Presence on Location


Live Marketing

About This Project

In the middle of the action.   Exceptional products call for exceptional measures. Right there, where buying decisions are made for these products. Where they unfold their impact in natural surroundings, on the road or on the sea.     Our work begins where, for example, potential customers travel or spend their holidays, where they are part of exclusive occasions. “Presence on Location” is our term for the format of immediate presentation of luxury goods on site.   These occasions provide perfect examples of the interaction between our networks and accesses in accordance with communicative services. This is how we open up possibilities to contact selected Ultra High Net Worth Individuals directly in order to establish long-term relationships. A strong message, authentic products and the corresponding accesses turn the “Point of Entertainment” into a “Point of Sale”.   We do know how this works, where it works and what partners are needed. We are able to implement this target-oriented kind of presentation in short time all around the world.



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