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Limited edition.


Communication is also a promise to enrich our lives. This is what makes our trade so special. And this is why projects do constantly spark our enthusiasm every time anew.


Projects that impress by means of fascination and power and not so much by the size of the print run.
We also like to cater to the highest expectations with one-of-a-kind projects, tailor-made for an occasion, a person, a whole life. For example in cooperation with the internationally renowned photographer Thomas Kettner. “L’Hommage”, a high-value coffee-table book in a one-off edition, was designed individually, printed on finest quality paper and subsequently processed by hand with the utmost care.


The artist takes by the hand those who embark on a journey to desire, assists and leads them with great sensitivity. We accompany each project from the beginnings and develop each story which is part of it.


A book project as a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art, as an engaging and compelling experience. A photographic journey becomes a journey into the inner self while communication becomes more personal and very enriching.



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